15 Reasons to Date an Accountant

Perhaps you didn’t provide the president with the math nightclub a good opportunity in twelfth grade. Now that you’re earlier and wiser, consider saying yes on the dinner day with your accountant.

Listed here are 15 reasons to date an accountant:

1. Have to calculate a tip? The big date believes figures are enjoyable.

2. Accounting firms are exceptional decision-makers.

3. They are honest. Accountants comply with strict accounting criteria. If you love playing of the policies, an accountant might-be your own perfect match.

4. They can be also good at locating loopholes. Accountants understand principles so well, they can make them work for you.

5. Brains are gorgeous.

6. Accountants will always be studying and upgrading their unique expertise base.

7. Accounting firms commonly afraid of devotion. (They caught with bookkeeping, right?)

8. They’ve got tactics like Jagger. Actually. Mick Jagger was once students of accountancy. Therefore had been Janet Jackson.

9. They’re going to make anxiety regarding money issues. Date an accountant, thereisn’ need certainly to worry becoming audited.

10. You should have tax-season support.

11. Accountants tend to be both instructors and stress-relievers, helping people sound right of complicated principles and terms.

12. If “financially accountable” is found on your essential number, look no further.

13. Got a secret? Accountants are reliable, trustworthy and will deal with private info.

14. You’ll get cost-free economic information from someone you know has actually the best interests in mind.

15. Accountants tend to be upwards for a challenge.

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